What to do after 12th class. Do International Hotel Management

A simple question arises in the mind as to what after twelfth class. However, many young people decide in the ninth-tenth class what to do. Which career to take In particular, students who take science, decide the goal of Doctors and Engineer and get involved in it. But most children with Arts or Commerce background have the same problem as to what to do after twelfth. Hyderabad, Telangana or Andhra Pradesh or like that the students of the whole of South India also have the same situation after the twelfth class or Intermediate.

This question remains in the minds of the students for the next two years, what to do and even two years pass by. But it is not decided what to do. This difficult question always stands before most children. Some students think that whatever a friend is doing, they do it or go to the police or the army. But they are unable to take any decision. Whenever someone thinks of making an advance, its money is so much that even the family members refuse.

Come, I do not rotate things here and there, I come directly to the point. Take a Hotel Management course. There is a direct course after 12th. Do nothing take admission in any good institute. Instead of a degree, do one-year diploma. Because instead of wasting three or four years in the degree and doing a one-year diploma and next three years in the hotel industry, they will learn more than the degree and will earn money separately.

Now you will ask why only Hotel Management. brother. Is straightforward. You start earning money after one year of doing 12th or even in most of the cases keep start earning while learning. Stay in the hotel – food free. Salary is so much earned from tips on one side, that salary is lying in the saving account. But my advice in this is, Hotel Management Hyderabad, Telangana, Vijayawada, Karnataka, Bengaluru, Chennai or Tamil Nadu, wherever you may be, do not do it from here. If you have money, do it from abroad.

Even if there is no money, take an education loan from outside. Now you will say where to get an education loan. For loan, the bankers keep circling the students. But I will tell in the next few episodes how easy it is to take a bank loan. Let’s get to the point now. I was saying to take hotel management course from abroad.

Benefits of doing hotel management from abroad

  1. You get to know the world.
  2. Your relationships are formed worldwide.
  3. You start good money during the internship itself.
  4. You get a good job as soon as you do a paid internship.
  5. By becoming connected with the people of the world, your career would be good in the future.

Now the question was coming that why hotel management after twelfth. So I have given the answer to that brother… within a year, you get a great job. The first job abroad is from Rs. 40 thousand to Rs one lakh. And in which course it is so. Do any course after 12th. You do not get such a quick job and no money. How much you can apply your mind but you could not find the best option of doing an international hotel management course…

In a recent survey by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) hotel management is the only profession in the country where there are the most placements. That is, a job as soon as the course is done. 8 out of 10 children get jobs. 4 out of 10 children get jobs in engineering. They study four years apart. The big amount of money invested is being apart. But no job after degree. Even if I got a job, I made less money.

That is why I believe clearly that I could not read as much as the children of science. Hotel management is the best if you were backbenchers. But do it from abroad. If you want to do it in India, do it with a very good institute. There is an institute in Hyderabad, Saraswati Wisdom Academy. It provides international hotel management directly from outside. With a 100 percent job guarantee. You can do this Otherwise, do it from anywhere. But keep the effort to do it from abroad. It has many advantages which I have mentioned above. The rest is on your mood.


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