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Do not understand what to do. The brain has become curd. I cannot understand which career to hold. The pressure of the family is falling apart. The same situation is for those who have completed their studies. Now wandering in search of a job. But can’t find a good job.

Even if you are getting a job, then between 8 to 12 thousand rupees a month. Now life cannot be spent in it. Will give 10-12 thousand but it will take full 10 to 12 hours. How will it matter. If I do a job, the money comes less. If I learn something or want to do different, then the difficulty of running the expenses of the house becomes standing in front.

So, this situation is standing today in front of the students who are doing or have done the  12th class or have done the degree or left the education in the middle. Want to earn money, But there is no way to find it. Learn any work, one thousand problems of its. Then earn only that much so that he/she can stay alive in the world. It cannot be rich. It cannot be made at all.

But, I tell you one way. There is no short cut. You have to work hard, But this much is fixed, it won’t take much time. No, I am not going to tell any multilevel marketing or online funding. It’s simple. To be rich If you want to earn money quickly then join the circle of the rich. Get entry into them.

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What do you do now, You live in such friends or circles who are themselves hand to mouth. Either unemployed or roaming around here or on the phone. Now if you stay in the circle of jobless or average people, then luck is not going to change. Luck will change only when you join the circle of the rich.

Now the question comes, how to join the circle of the rich. His security guard immediately stops us outside the door. And even if they let go, what will we talk to them? Now we will say that if we include us in the circle of our rich, then this is also not possible. They will lift us and throw out. Then how will the matter be made.

First of all, try to find out where rich men meet. You will get them in….

  • In a good five or seven star hotel.
  • In expensive clubs.
  • In the Bar.
  • In luxurious restaurant.
  • At the airport.
  • Tourist places. etc

Now it is understood that we can meet them every day and continuously. Yes, in a hotel, restaurant, bar or club. Now how will we enter these expensive hotels, bars, and clubs. Because every day we cannot go and drink 5 thousand rupees of coffee or tea.

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Then what to do so that we can meet them almost every day. The answer is simple. Become a waiter or a receptionist. Because these are the people who come directly in contact with the guests. And come continuously. That’s all you have to do. Well mannered, well behaved. Talk to others in a manner and with respect. Be clean and always happy.

You can become a waiter, receptionist by taking a course in hotel management. But here I would recommend that you do this course of hotel management from any university abroad. Saraswati Wisdom Academy in Hyderabad offers a similar diploma/degree course from Pathumthani University in Thailand.

It is not enough to do a hotel management course. This is the ticket through which you reach that place where rich people and women definitely spend their days and evenings.

Apart from hotel management scholars, you should have complete information about the hotel, restaurant, club or bar in which you are working.

  • You have updated information about everything related to hotels, travel, and food.
  • Information about the tourism, religious and spiritual places of the city or state in which you work.
  • Information on train, bus and air traffic is on your tips.
  • You have information about good gym or gym instructor, good doctor or masseur in the city.
  • What do children like. You should know this very well. Because children have come with rich guests and you have taken good care of them, then you have to believe that that guest will never forget you in your whole life.

Because of the successful man in life, who is often rich, that sight is everywhere. They catch a well-off person. And join their team. In Life.

There are many such example …

Mahendra Singh Dhoni saw his wife Sakshi working as a receptionist in a hotel and at the first sight gave heart.



Famous Hollywood film star and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges gave his heart to Sushan Gaston, who works as a waitress. When he asked Sushan to go on a date for the first time, Sushan did not immediately say. Now they are together for the last 40 years.



Another Hollywood movie star and Oscar winner Matt Damon once married the tender Luciana Baraso. Their marriage has also passed for more than two decades.


There is no question of marriage here. The thing is that this is where rich people come. They spend their time and you are also there because of their profession. Just be honest with yourself, your work. See, the click definitely happens. Because this place is like this only.

Regardless of the average number and common sense, if you want to get rich quickly after 12th class with the honors job, then click on Saraswati Wisdom Academy to do hotel management from abroad. And your rich way will open.

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