Course Description:

Music is the soul of our Indian culture. You can visit any place in our country and you can find it in every walk of our life. Whether its ragaas or raginis, pop or bollywood, bhajan, qwalies or classical music heritage of our country.

We think the lecture is enough….lets come to the point….

Music video is the primary stage of film making. They are not bound to the general discipline of filmmaking. Generally, they are boundary less, evocative, expressive, and stylish. You can say full of shosha…bazi

Mini. Qualification

10th Pass

Course Duration

1 Semester ( 6 Month )

Course Fee:

/ Semester

Each student will carry - From the day 1

  • Camera (still+video)

  • Spy Cam

  • Tripod

  • Laptop

  • Lapel Mic

  • Boom Mic

  • Head phone

  • Sd Card

What is Outcome of This Course


Group of students will make videos of music-bands, regional singers, folk singers and visit many places to experience the vast canvas of music in metro cities, semi-urban and remote areas of our country.

Each student will learn…

  • Directing.
  • Screen writing.
  • Cinematography.
  • Sync-sound production.
  • Lightning.
  • Digital Editing.
  • Budgeting and Scheduling.
  • Pre-Production, Post Production.
  • Crew Handling and Management.
  • Know music videos and advertisement movies.
  • Use of motion graphics in movie.

On Edit Table

  • Video Editing.
  • Visual Effects.
  • Motion Graphics.
  • Sync-Sound Production.

International Film Festivals

Selected Music Videos of students will send to different National and International Platforms.

How a students can launch her/his album

  • Through Digital Platform.
  • Can make own DVD album.
  • Register with performing art organizations.
  • Register with sound exchange.
  • Ways of promoting album or song.


  • Can start own Film Production House.
  • Can join Film Production House.
  • Can assist big Bollywood Film Makers.
  • Can make movies for Corporate Houses.
  • Can make TV commercial adv. for clients.
  • Can make short films for Portals, Digital Channels, TV Production Houses, News channel, Entertainment Channels.etc..etc.
  • Can produce Films and Tele series for Government Channels.
  • Can produce web series for Netflix, Amazon, Zee5 etc.
  • Can produce content for Social Cloud Platforms i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Task to be performed

Music Video 20
Short Film
Viral Video

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