Course Description:

We provide you Advance Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Course from a recognized university. It’s a two-year course divided into 4 semesters. Students who have cleared 10th/12th or any Degree are eligible for this course. During the course, student will get practical training from day one. He/she will learn all the aspects and angles of Digital Media and TV Journalism along with ground Zero reporting.

We are feeling very proud to announce that this is only Digital Media and TV Journalism institute, that gives you overall practical training of Digital Media and TV Journalism. And, this is first institute which is providing Digital Media course online and offline.

Not only we will teach the Indian constitution and How the Political and Bureaucratic system work in our country from village to National Level, but we will send every student to visit the temple of democracy or our system ie. From Gram Sabha meeting to Lok Sabha Session. After completing the course we will provide 100% Internship and Placement in renowned media houses and news channels of our country.

We will develop You into a Brand. We will train every student of our Digital Media and TV Journalism Institute such that he/she will be well equipped to latest knowledge and technology so, that he/she can face any challenge in his/her career.

Mini. Qualification

10 + 2 in any stream.

Course Duration

4 Semester ( 2 Years )

Course Fee:

/ Semester

Each student will carry - From the day 1

  • Camera (still+video)

  • Spy Cam

  • Tripod

  • Laptop

  • Lapel Mic

  • Boom Mic

  • Ear/Head phone

  • Editing Software

What is Outcome of This Course

All Aspect of Digital Media and TV Journalism.

  • General Reporting.
  • Specialize Reporting,(political/crime/investigative/entertainment/life style/women/sports/real estate/ etc…more than 40 subjects)
  • TV Anchoring.
  • Digital Media Anchoring.
  • PTC
  • Voice Over.
  • Script writing for Print, TV and Digital Journalism.
  • Video Editing for TV and Digital Journalism.
  • Audio Log.
  • Video Log.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Optimization.
  • Google/ YouTube / Facebook / Twitter etc ANALYTICS.
  • Algorithms of Digital Media.
  • Sting Reporting.
  • Short Film Making
  • Documentary Film Making

On Edit Table

  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing.
  • Visual Effects.
  • Graphics

Camera Handling

  • Still
  • DSLR
  • Camcorder (XLR)

News Room Training

  1. How fast and smoothly go live.
  2. While Live from News Room interact with Reporter.
  3. How fast can break the story on TV, News portal, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. simultaneously.
  4. Rundown
  5. Packaging
  7. Audio Log.
  8. Video Log.
  9. Off line/Online News Bulletin.
  10. Off line/Online Special Bulletin.
  11. News room live Discussion with Participant.
  12. How to do voice over.

Remote Areas Reporting

Every student will tour to semi-urban and rural areas for assigned stories to understand personally the different aspects and issues of rural and semi-urban areas of our country.

In Academics

  1. The Political, Social, Economical, Cultural and Mythological history and current prevailing situation in India.
  2. We will teach Indian Constitution, Public and Local Administration, IPC, Cr. PC along with practical training.
  3. How the system works/how the government schemes proceeds/AS/TS/FS.
  4. Hierarchy system in Administration/Police/Defense From village to National level.
  5. How Political Organizations work in normal and election time.
  6. Shadow Cabinet.
  7. Basic fundamentals of Indian Economy.(This will help you to understand our National and State Budget news reporting and coverage)

These are only the tip of iceberg. Digital Media and TV Journalism Institute will teach you more than your imagination.

On International Platform

Selected Special Stories/Short Film/Documentary of students will be send to different national and international platforms.

In General

  1. Hard Core Journalism and Soft Digital Media Journalism.
  2. Right and Wrong in Scripting or Storytelling.
  3. Legal Rules and Implications of Scripting, Video Broadcasting.
  4. Ethics of Journalism.
  5. Biased and Impartial Journalism.
  6. Basic Journalism and Yellow Journalism.
  7. Rules and Regulations of Print, TV and Digital Media Journalism.

Task to be performed

Special Stories 30
Short Film 8
Documentary 8
Viral Videos 100
Montez/Whip 100
Corporate Advt 5
TV Advt 5

Job Opportunities

  • International, National and Regional TV News Channels.
  • International, National and Regional News Papers.
  • International, National and Regional TV Channels News Portals.
  • International, National and Regional News Paper News Portals.
  • International, National and Regional News websites.
  • News apps.
  • Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and many more social sites.
  • Corporate company web portals.
  • Semi Government and Public Sector Digital web portals and platforms.
  • Government ministries and Departments web portals and platforms.
  • Government Job as a Public Relation officer in every District and every government Departments.
  • Production Houses.
  • Entertainment App like Netflix, Amzon, Zee 5 etc.
  • Content writer. (Thousands of opportunities are there ONLINE)
  • Can start your own Digital Web Portal.
  • Can start your own Digital News Channel on YouTube.
  • Own you tube/ Facebook/Instagram etc subject wise channel.
  • Own Vlog on any subjects News, Crime, Political, Sports, Life Style, Entertainment, Health etc.
  • Can work as a campaigner for Political Parties and leaders.
  • In Digital Marketing companies.

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    Internship and Placement


    We will make you the Aranb Goswami and Carry Minati of the Tv Journalism and Digital media. We will nourish you in a BRAND. You will not have to struggle for getting a job instead of you will immediately get the job. You become the pioneer of your respective fields not the follower.

    Creatively, our students will be well equipped with the latest knowledge, information and technology so, that they can open up a new arena in their specialized field.